Listening nook

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the need of creating a listening nook.

Many reasons supported this idea, of being the upcoming arrival of december, which meant Christmas music, and also the growing need (and interest) for X ( 7yo) to listen to audio books.

Reading not being easy for him, I still see the importance of being able to listen to good quality books,  stories that will match his level of comprehension and intelligence, something that his reading cannot currently do.

But this was not only put together with X in mind.  I wanted to have a little bit for everybody in this nook, and so I added books, both for X and E (2 yo), an audio game that is loved by both M (5 yo) and E, and M added the first holiday disk…The Grinch who stole Christmas.

Since that first picture up there, the content of the shelves has changed tremendously.  More Christmas music was added, books were rotated as they were finished, and other Christmas story made their place (The polar express being a new favorite right now).  There is material both in french and in english.

At some point, I will probably invest in a MP3 reader of something of the kind to allow X to have access to a bigger selection of audio books, and have the portability of using it where he see fits.  Also he will be able to listen to titles that are of interest to him without receiving comments from the other who don’t share the same interest / level of comprehension

Listening nook

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