You have questions, comments or need to chat?  I’ll be happy to hear from you.



I will reply as soon as I possibly can!  But please keep in mind that I am a mom of 3, and I also work outside home part time.

15 thoughts on “contact

  1. I have a complete space suit, including helmet and back-pack in my garage. I would love to give it to you if we could figure out a way to get it to you. Would you like to see pics? Interested?
    Elizabeth (phantom reader)
    Houston, TX

  2. Hello

    Sorry for the delay, I have had a crazy month, and my blog and the comments section were very neglected.
    I would love to see pics! You can send them at my gmail addy or post them here, although I am not sure this is possible.

    Thanks for the offer!


  3. Hi, I love your ideas. I went to pin the fractions picture and noticed it was not pinnable. I didn’t know if this was on purpose so I just thought I’d ask if you’d make some of your images pinnable. If you don’t want to I understand, just thought I’d check! Have a great day!

    1. hello

      for the last three days, I have been trying to find how to make them pinnable. I just don,t know why they cannot be pinned. It is beyond me. I tried pretty much everything, now I am waiting for a reply from wordpress to help me into this.

      Thanks for checking this out. I am doing as fast as I can! 🙂

  4. Bonjour,
    J’ai passé un bon moment à naviguer sur ce blog et je l’ai trouvé vraiment intéressant! Je suis une ancienne enseignante de primaire, maintenant maman d’une petite fille de 3 ans et je suis de plus en plus convaincue de la pertinence de la pédagogie Montessori, pour au moins les jeunes enfants! (Pour les plus grands, je connais assez mal et n’ai donc aucun avis sur la question!) J’admire votre investissement et pense être bien incapable d’en faire autant!
    Bonne continuation aussi bien dans votre projet éducatif que dans votre blog que je vais désormais suivre de près!
    Au plaisir de vous relire,

  5. Erinn says:

    Hello! I have just now stumbled across your blog and love all that you are doing. Very inspiring! I am curious who are the makers of the sound pouches and curvy board you mentioned in your blog post?

  6. I enjoyed the sound pouches you created. Could you help me out? I am starting a Montessori preschool in August and I am looking for the adorable little items that go in the sound pouches. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Go to Montessori services. They sell stacks of little bits and pieces for this. Etsy, yard sales, and all the games that you have at your house are the best source for this.


  7. minette says:

    I have been reading about the Montessori life for the last couple of days non stop.
    I would love to be able to just mail you and just ask a few things on how you get started in your home if you havent been doing this at all and have a toddler and an infant filling up your house with laughter.
    please let me know if you would be able to help.
    thank you for an amazing blog that makes it so real!

  8. Shweta says:

    Hi Neptune. I have been reading your blog since it was called Montessori Ici! You inspired me to adopt quite a few ideas and read more on montessori while bringing up my son who is now 2.3 years old. I have started a blog about books for toddlers. Can I send a link to the cloth book you made for your kids on my blog? I am a novice at this so can I give a photo of your cloth book and add a link citing your blog?

  9. Hello, I am so excited to see all the exciting ways you teach. I have a little guy struggling with multiplication. Where can I buy the wooden multiplication table with the cubed blocks it looks perfect

  10. Agathe says:

    Hi Neptune!

    How you are feeling now?
    Your last post was full of questions, I hope you are on track to find the answers you needed…

    Kindest regards,


  11. Bonjour, je suis maman de 3 enfants. Je suis le formation NAMC en ligne pour la 2 ieme années (6-9 ans) et cette années (9-12 ans). J’ai été trés interessé par votre article sur la methode Muriel Dwyer. J’ai commandé le livre. Accepteriez-vous de partager vos listes pour le dictionnaire des phonogrammes? Les Albums languages étant trés difficile a trouver en Francais…

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