about us

Hello and welcome!

That is us.  Doing what we love: exploring.

Well, I am behind the camera, but that is how it always is (and that is what I love!).  And anyways, this blog isn’t about me, it is about THEM.

E, M and X, my three little oaks.

Our parenting journey had us explore the roads less travelled, and the education of our children is not making any exceptions  to this rule.

We came across Montessori when X was a toddler, and just fell in love with this philosophy.  We have been following it ever since, although not to a T.  We have always made sure that we were taking into considerations our children’s needs and adjusted our parenting philosophy according to that.  This is how Reggio Emilia made it’s appearance in our lives.

This has lead us to the journey of homeschooling.  Our goal?  To let our children be free to learn, and help them become life long, self-guided learners. I am not Montessori trained, I am not an elementary teacher, we are just a family learning together following our passions.

I am happy that you are here, feel free to comment and enrich this blog of your opinions and ideas.  I love good company!  Vous pouvez toujours commenter en français également, ça me fait toujours plaisir d’avoir de la visite du reste de la francophonie!

I am happy to share my images with you, but if you want to post them on your blog or website, please contact me before.

Sponsorship is possible, please contact me if you are interested.

Thank you for being here


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