As a kid, my family culture has never made mention of the benefit of creativity.  My father, a scientist at heart, saw anything that remotly seem creative as “pelletage de nuage” as we say in french (shovelling clouds) which was of uttermost unimportance.

I grew up believing this, and pushing creativity aside, for the benefits of more down to earth subjects.

As my life unfolded, and after the arrival of my children, I started to see creativity differently, and after becoming a College professor, and seeing the state of my student, when they finally reach my classes, I became  alarmingly aware of the uttermost importance of it.  For the record, I believe the definition of creativity is wider then somebody who can paint of draw of make art.  Creativity can be in anything.

Here are a few ressources that I have found very valuable as I researched the value of creativity.

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