Even a 2 yo’s ride should shine

Or at least so E thinks.

What I thought would become a collaboration between father and son, quickly became E’s own thing.

Looking at daddy wash the car was all he needed to get himself going.  He ran inside, fetched a clean cloth, parked his bike behind the car, and got started.

He cleaned every nook and crannies of his bike, being very meticulous about his work.

M. Montessori says that children much rather doing real thing then pretend playing the same action.  I have noticed that being true for a while now, at least with my own children.

But I have also noted that when doing the real thing, compared to pretend play, their execution is much more precise and perfect.  They make an extra effort, being, I guess, motivated by truly doing, by achieving something that feels worthwhile.  I guess this might be what we call intrinsic motivation for younger children.

Everybody deserves to live according to their passion, their life mission, because this is how, as adults, we thrive.  A toddler\preschooler’s mission is to learn, to find his place socially and learn what meaningful work is.  And I think kids thrive when they can live by that rule.

Even a 2 yo’s ride should shine

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