Creativity – my missing ingredient

There are many downsides to not having access to a computer.  But truth be told, there are quite a few benefits as well, and one of them outweighs all the rest:  the gift of time.  Add this to the summer holidays, and suddenly you get a LOT of free time.

With “all” that spare time (…) I got the chance to read, a LOT, and I am grateful for that.  In fact, I needed that.  I needed to be able to refocus and rethink learning around here.  This kids being at school next year doesn’t mean that were are throwing learning out the door.  It is still part of our top priority that learning remains a prime aspect of our family culture.  I still wish for my kids to be lifelong self-directed learners, and although I don’t think school will help them with that, we sure can.  I want them to be able to own their education, to see that this is for THEM.

There is no point in planning after schooling lessons, they’ll get plenty of compulsory schooling during the day.  So this leaves the rest of the time to work on things that school does not care so much for:  the heart and the soul.

And so most of my reading was to feed this idea:  what do I want to cultivate in my children?  I need to cultivate what they’ll need for their adult life.  Ok then,  what will they need when they grow up to make their life up to their expectation?  And at this point, the answer seems clear to me:  we have no clue!

Life is changing at a pace never seen before, and so many new jobs are sprouting, jobs my late grand-mother wouldn’t even understand the need for (and she was a wise one!)  So what will life be in 30 years?  Anybody wise enough to correctly guess?

With this in mind, I am coming to the conclusion that one thing they’ll need a good dose of is creativity.  Creativity to find a niche, to make themselves a job, to be different in order to make it in a world that is already overcrowded and overexploited.  And the more I think of it, the more I realize how I lack it.

For a couple of years, I have been feeling stuck, unable to attain the life I dream of.  Now I understand that I trapped myself in the limits I have unconsciously set for myself thinking it is just not possible.  And then I look around, and see people and families who have managed to add that spark to their lives by walking off the beaten paths, by thinking outside the box.  This too is creativity.  And I have yet to succeed in my task because I fail to make it happen.

I strongly think that creativity is like a muscle, it can be exercised.  At one point in time(read during my years of schooling), my creativity was at a record low and thinking about walking off the beaten path was not even an option.  I have made huge progress.  And so my quest to regain creativity, after all those years of school, continues.

Looking ay my own kids, I see how creative they still are, and I am grateful for that.  I wish to be able to nurture this inborn creativity in them so they’ll never feel trap, so they can be what they envision, so their heart and soul will be nourished by what they do or the way they live.  I am glad that I choose Montessori for them because although I don’t believe Montessori has enhanced my kids’ creativity I know for sure that it has left it intact, which is essential in the world we live in (and miles ahead of those whose creativity has been crushed right from the start)

Creativity takes time, and after a year of giving plenty of spare time to my oldest for other reasons, he is starting to reap unexpected benefits (more about this in another post)

Now I feel like although I still don’t have the answers to all my questions, I am know where I am heading to, and most of all what my priorities will be.

How high do you put creativity in your list of things to instil to your children?  What other life abilities do you wish your children will possess to face life?  I’d be curious to know your thoughts on this.

Creativity – my missing ingredient

One thought on “Creativity – my missing ingredient

  1. This is excellent! Creativity is so, so important, and I think that you’re right that we have no way of knowing what the world of the future will be like…but regardless, these little ones of ours will need creativity! Thanks for sharing!

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