End of school year, and all the changes of plans…


Spring is full bloom here


All my exams are corrected and grades are in.


It is the end of a very strenuous year.  I am glad it is finally over.  Better times are ahead; warmer weather, our month long continuous birthday series, (that is already started btw), much needed vacations, more blogging time.  Just saying it feels GOOD.

But I already foresee (and we are already dealing with ) many changes ahead, some that will be tough.

A fresh cut bouquet for my little ballerina! M went through her recital as a pro!

M’s life:

If X is now deep into the second plane of development according to Montessori, M is closely following.  I see clear traits of the transition period X went through.  She is now not as happy with her beloved school, she feels it is too childish for her.  She is ready for bigger challenges.

And indeed she will be facing them soon.  M is currently finishing her last year of primary Montessori schooling, and will be attending elementary school in the fall.  Contrarily to what I was expecting, she asked NOT to go to X’s elementary Montessori school.  M decided she’d rather attend a classical triligual school instead.  I was surprised by her request for so many reasons.  M is such a shy little girl, I was certain she’s rather just follow her brother’s footsteps, but no, at the right time in her life, she was able to make her own decision for the first time, and select a school that was more in tune with her needs and expectations.

M is just starting to define herself as a person.  I am so happy to finally she her emerge from this tiny little shy person she is.  I am so glad we respected her introvercy, and just trust that she’d be able to speak up for herself when the situation calls for it.

X and school:

After a long period of deliberation, X has decided to try school once more.  I think this will be a very decisive year for him: it works; he keeps going, it doesn’t; he’s out of there for a while.   He is so conflicted.  He really wants to go back, but he is terrified, that what he went through will start again.

However, this year out of school has been a very interesting one for him.  Although it wasn’t as academic as I would have hoped, he learned so much about himself.  Recently, he has made many observations about himself, about the way he learns, about the person he is, and I doubt this introspection would have been possible if he had been to school all year.  This free time he had allowed him to look at himself, and learn about himself, which is amazing to me.

He had a very profound reflection about himself last week.  And he drew the conclusion that he was not a very academic person, because he is more of a sportive type, and he will find happiness in his life through learning and perfecting (a) sport.  I was surprised at this comment, because although I have always seen X be a very altheltic boy, I have never intentionally given him this label.  He saw that by himself.  His old school is onto sports, and I think that might be one of the reasons that pushed him back there.

And what about E?

Well, guess what?  E is turning 3 in a few weeks.  And he is already signed up for our local Montessori school (I think he has been signed up since I got pregnant)

So yes, my baby is also taking the school road comes September.  And I have to admit that this one is harder on mommy’s heart.  But I know he really wants to go, and he is so (!) ready.  For the last month, he has been asking WHEN? every morning when we dropped M to school.

So it is the time for me to let go, and let him enjoy the same House of Children that his brother and sister enjoyed.

The house got a rough winter and got moved at the beginning of spring. X and daddy are already planning the repairs that are much needed

And so what about me?

Well, I will be going back to work part time.  I will be able to balance my life better then what I did this year.  I had a very tough year, health wise, and I need to be able to focus a little bit more on myself, for myself of course, but also because I need to be a role model for my children.

I have to admit that I am too very conflicted about all my kids being in school.  I somehow saw myself down the road being a homeschooler and weaving a different family life for my family then the traditional make a lunch, drop to school, go to work scenario.  But I agreed to this year knowing that life is not unchangeable, and we’ll re-evaluate this decision next spring. This year will bring lots of answer, and will also be very life changing for some of us (M comes to mind here, in her trilingual school…I can foresee more english speakers around here soon 🙂  )

I am grateful for the year I just been through, and yes, grateful for the times ahead.  I am happy to know I’ll be able to keep participating in my children’s learning live, albeit differently then I did this year.

The last 2 weeks, I have been up to my hear in corrections, and yet, I undertook the project of switching the house around, to make it more user friendly with the new goals we have set for ourselves.  I am *almost* done, but we have yet to complete the painting project that came along with that (nothing major, but much needed refreshments), and just add the finishing touches.

End of school year, and all the changes of plans…

2 thoughts on “End of school year, and all the changes of plans…

  1. I can hardly believe that the end is coming to an end already! Time just flies! I find very interesting M’s choice of school and that X. want to try school again. I hope everything will go well for all of you 🙂 but that before that you will enjoy a lovely summer.

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