I don’t know why I didn’t think about that earlier.  It was written in the stars that this would quickly be X’s new favorite game.

This red book beside the chess board is the thing that started it all.  While browsing at the library, I stumbled upon this.  I showed it to X, asking him if he had any interest in this.  He dropped everything he had, sat at the table near by, and started to look at the images in the book.

this book, he studied it through and through, and yesterday morning, he told daddy that he was ready to play.  Armed with his book at his side, he took on to beat daddy at his first game.  Daddy seemed a little over confident, but still I sat there looking at the epic battle that was easily won…by X.

I smiled many times during this game as DH tried to coach X into the game.  But many times, X made moves that DH didn’t understand or corrected, only to realize that he hadn’t seen X’s strategy which was a winning one.  I guess it goes to show how it is important to not just jump into conclusion when X (kids…)says something.  Taking a step back is always a good idea to make sure that what is being said isn’t rooted in another frame of mind, and sometimes, this opens up a new vision of things that couldn’t be seem before.  I am reminded of this often, and I have to make a conscious effort to walk my talk.


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