The start of an interest in bugs

Spring has been here for a while, but we had yet to feel it.  It has been cold and gray for the last month, but finally, we were able to enjoy a hot sunny day.  How we missed it!

It was one of the first day where bugs were really visible, and they sure caught E’s attention!


While he was planning to go outside to use X’s scooter (much to his dismay… now that he doesn’t have exclusive rights on it), his attention kept on shifting towards the bugs all around.

The power of observation is really strong in little ones, they want to see more then just look.  They are able to notice things that we take for granted.

He kept using the scooter but just couldn’t keep his focus on it.  Everytime he saw a bug, he stopped to look at it.  Nature was pulling him back.

my cue is clear, we’ll be looking further at bugs in the next few days.


The start of an interest in bugs

2 thoughts on “The start of an interest in bugs

  1. My two year old is doing the exact same thing! I’ve prepped for a bunch of bug-related activities in the next week or two. I must say I am not *too* excited about it. Ants are about as far as I’d like to take it!

  2. My 20 month old is also doing it! She was riding her bike yesterday and stopped every time she saw an ant! Even going around it to make sure she would not crushed the poor insect. She also loves ladybirds and cries when they fly away… Like many people I am not a big fan of insects and I find it difficult to find reasons for not taking the ugly ones in my hands as my daughter requests me to do ^^

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