Mazes for a 2 yo


I needed something to keep E busy at the table with us while X is working.  He often wanders around, and plays with block, modelling dough or other material.  But lately, he has been asking for pen and paper and wants to join in the fun too.


I found this kumon maze book this weekend, and thought it might do the trick.  I had no idea how right I was.

He did around 25 mazes in the first sitting!  Nothing I could have said or done would have stopped him.


I was awestruck at how skilled he is with his pencil.  I had the opportunity to evaluate his pencil grip, which is great.  Errors in pencil holding can be taken early and corrected much more easily then with an older child.


This is an excellent fine motor skill activity.  And although I am not much of a worksheet mom for little children, he loves this book, and works in it regularly.  As a matter of fact, he is almost through all the mazes.

I love how I saw him, in the lasts much harder pages, take the time to follow the path with his finger before tracing it with the pencil.

I will probably go on to buy the second level book.  I will not push him with this pencil work, but I will provide the material, and he’ll be able to choose it whenever he wants to.

Seeing how steady he is with his pencil, I will also look into a drawing book for him, and give him more exposure with this.

Mazes for a 2 yo

4 thoughts on “Mazes for a 2 yo

  1. My (almost) 3yo likes drawing path too ! but she’s not as skilled as your child… Maybe I should look for such a book instead of basic paths on a blank sheet

  2. My boy at 2.5 loved mazes too. But being a bit frugal, I told him he could only use his fingers with it. I was so surprised how he did these mazes over and over again, at such a young age. Even now at almost 6, he still cannot resist a maze. I have read that this could mean a spatial child. I find it quite interesting that my 3.5yo daughter has no interest – I’m even baffled from my first experience! 🙂

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