Handmade opposite booklets

I have given a lot of time to handmade book creation lately.  E eats them up so quickly.

The last set I made was created from flashcards of opposite words found here

But instead of making them as a big book about opposite, I made loads of 2 pages mini books to really show opposites.

there are more then what is pictured, but X was reading a pile of them while I was taking the pictures.

The flashcards were printed on really heavy cardstock, and stapled as little booklets.  I remember seeing something similar on a blog, but I cannot remember where.  I thought the idea was pretty neat, and the results speak for themselves.

E can’t get enough of these books.  It is excellent vocabulary wise (remember that we are a bilingual family, and english is our (close) second language.), and it is very interesting into trying to decipher what is written on them.

X and M have also used these to expand their vocabulary skills.  I am always on the lookout to try to find things to help them boost their english too, and sometimes, I run out of ideas.

But sometimes, the easiest ideas are also the best.  And many times, materials I have gathered for E work wonders for the other 2 as well.

Handmade opposite booklets

7 thoughts on “Handmade opposite booklets

  1. Agathe says:

    Hi Neptune!
    I really love all the articles you write, everything you say is so smart and thoughtful! 🙂
    I was wondering : do you have some printables in French? I couldn’t find many of them, almost everything is in English…
    Thanks a lot for your help…

    1. It is difficult to find things in french really.

      My favorite printing place is Boutique Montessori, which has all sorts of Montessori printable in french. Love this store. Otherwise, Participassion is a french blog, and this mom has also a LOT of free printable in french.
      Le jardin de Vicky, also had printables and also educatout which are not Montessori related material. Montessori print shop and Montessori for everyone both have a small section of french material

      ABCteach has french materials as well

      I hope this help! Most of the time, I take english material, and I somehow transfer it in french. I think this is still the easiest thing to do.

      Good luck!

  2. Such a great simple idea. Thanks for that, I’m off to print them. Have you used the downloadthemall extension in firefox. It allows you to download all resources on a page, where you can choose the extension. So no right-click and ‘Save as’ for each file!

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