Magna tiles as geometry manipulative


X had a geometry assignment last week.  It was about the study of geometric solids.

One part of the assignment required him to draw the solids as plane geometrical forms (2-D).  He had the idea of using Magnatiles to help him complete his work.


I have to admit that it really did a great job.  He was able to easily visualize and build the forms from the plan geometrical shapes.  This really helped him to master this concept.  Now I know he is able to visualize decomposing a form in his mind’s eye because of this work.


Magnatiles are a hit here as building material, and I was glad to X find a new use for these.  I know they are plastic, and I had some reserves at first because of this, but really, it is a great toy.  We own a set of 30, but I am planning for a new set of 100 soon.  Birthday season is coming soon here.  I have to start shopping!

Magna tiles as geometry manipulative

2 thoughts on “Magna tiles as geometry manipulative

  1. They were not easy to find here either. But I manage to find a store that had them *just* for holiday times. So I guess, it is worth keeping trying. They are indeed really heavy as a set, that totally explains the hefty shipping fee.

    But I saw a new brand of similarly made block. Magformers. I have seen them. They are also neat. Maybe they are easier to find in Australia?

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