2 1/2 years old’s current favourite activities

I was asked many question about E’s current activities.  Here is a few favourites right now.


painting, drawing, modelling, all of these are used daily. My biggest challenge right now is to find the place to settle a art corner for E.  I need a bigger house!

Language arts:

This is something thoroughly present in his life, and mine, right now.  He notices letters everywhere, and tries to decode CVC words all the time.  So letters and mini books are literally everywhere in the house right now.

Sound pouches are a big hit:


And so the Melissa and Doug see and spell puzzle


I have a lot of homemade books, these are the current favorites


here is a sample of the inside:

they were made using flashcards off a website (I’ll link when I finally find it). E loves them, but so does the older, with whom I am currently working full time on mastering english for the rest of the school year.  It gives a lot of vocabulary.


Welcome to my fridge, where it all started letter wise.

these letters are played and used everyday, not only for words now, but also for sorting as you can see…


Practical life:

E is just as interested into this plant experiment we are currently doing as the other 2.  He is responsible for watering the plants everyday.

he loves it and takes his job very seriously!

Hammering shapes:

I had this game on my wishlist for E since forever, and I found it heavily discounted at a closing sale.  Of course, the best part of this game is the hammer, and this is why it had already disappeared by the time I had taken the photo…



Always a big thing here.  Magnatiles are the current favorites.



curvy board:

E has always been very good with his gross motors skills, but I have seen him manage to improve this since he has received this board for Christmas.  He loves to rock on this.  Gets daily use right now.

Science and maths

Magnets:  He loves to find what sticks on the magnet.  He is very curious with this.


Geometric solids


Botany vocabulary: E doesn’t like 3 part cards.  But he enjoy these because they are in a context.  He like to look at the card, and then look at the plants growing right in front of his eyes.


Geometric puzzle


language even makes it’s appearance in math activities!


the rest of his time is spent outside, reading LOADS of books, and pretend playing with M and X.

As spring is comfortably installing itself, there will be a shift of pace.  I am planning to spend most of our day outside to explore nature.  I think he is at the age where nature time is the most important thing.  I am building up a reference library, preparing and gathering tools and supplies, and I am just waiting for the warmer weather to kick in.  I cannot wait!


2 1/2 years old’s current favourite activities

9 thoughts on “2 1/2 years old’s current favourite activities

  1. Kylie D'Alton says:

    The sound pouches are a fantastic idea. They look beautiful and well worth the time it took to make them. I enjoyed looking at your homemade books, so simple but perfect. I recently ordered some cards for Otis and some of the pictures weren’t so suitable (gum – as in chewing gum for g), being homemade you can add the best image. Seriously, not even my five year old would know what gum is. It’s fun to see the curvy board in action, it looks fabulous! If anyone knows an Australian supplier please let me know. I also love your large magnet, I’m learning with a more active child that the physicality of the work is important. It’s just starting to get cold here…

    1. I made the sound pouches initially for M. But I am really glad to get them out again for E. I love these pouches, I think they are worth every minute I used to make them.
      The cards I used for E’s book were free. I found them on the net, and printed them out. I think the name of the site is Kizclub. I would have rather real pictures, but E is so into them, that I am completely satisfied!

      Oh yes, physicality is important. And I find it so hard to incorporate that with E. Teaching something to a kid that is still is easy, but when the child rather move, it makes it more challenging. E is a mover (so is X…) so I have to really try to merge learning and moving. For some things, it is easy, but for other, it is hard!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing ! The sound pouches are really nice, and make me feel like playing with them !

    Did you use these magnetic letters for the movable alphabet ?

  3. YOu mean, the ones of my fridge? No, I have a real movable alphabet.
    But the ones on the fridge begs to be put into words. So it is enticing for E most of the time.

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