plexiglass easel

I had a piece of plexiglass that was left over from some work that was done.  I couldn’t bare the thought of not using it, and so I decided to turn it into an easel.  I had DH make a frame for it, and voilà.

It is hanging in our new atelier, AKA, E’s old room.  It is located near the window, and I have put tools to be used with this on the windowsill for now.

E loves to write on this.  Most of the time, he writes his “letters”

and although we have still a lot of work to do on writting skills, here he is reciting his letters that he just wrote:


over and over again: (he is chanting the ABC song while scribbling)


The nice thing about this easel is that it is lightweight, so E can carry it wherever he wants to use it.  I have seen it put it somewhere and try to draw over what the easel was on.

But when I had this in mind, it was for a summer use.  I cannot wait to be able to use it OUTSIDE, it should be very interesting.  I’ll post picture, where the hot weather finally hit us.

plexiglass easel

3 thoughts on “plexiglass easel

  1. That’s an excellent idea (aren’t you afraid of your children writing on the wall ? I don’t think my (almost)3yo would “see” the difference beetween the frame and the wall… ! maybe she’s just too young for now ?)

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