sprout log

Last weekend felt like spring, and that urged us to plant the start of our garden.  Until the weather warms up, the seeds will stay comfortably inside, being watched over and studied by my 2 scientists.

Their interest was aroused one morning when X saw some sprout showing through the dirt.  It stirred up many questions, that I was careful not to answer too much, letting him the joy of discovery.  But X being what he his, he needed a little push to get started.

These logs were the answer.  I knew that by making this centered around math, it would work.

It has generated a lot of observation, drawing and writing (!!)

He starts by observing and  observational drawing:

And then his favorite part, mesuring

And then he completes the log with measurement info and comments

I have seen him be very consistent in logging the information.  Observations are being done at least twice daily, I get a full report every time.

Since then, I have added a basket of observational tool.  It includes a magnifying glass, 3 part cards about sprouts  and plants to help with the labelling, and other charts (these are more for X). I’ll post about it more tomorrow.

I am waiting to have a few more days of logging information readily available before working on a graph chart with him.  I want to make one that will correlate time and growth, so that he will be able to see the growth rate.  He is going to love this.

sprout log

2 thoughts on “sprout log

  1. It looks like a great idea! Haven’t quite got to the “making a report” yet with my 19months old girl, but we are observing some flowers grow this year, she is in charge of watering them every day. It seems to interest her. Very nice pictures 🙂

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