Spring is here!

Guess what X taught himself this week?

I wasn’t planning on taking a blog break.  I wasn’t planning on being so late in all of my emails.  I was not suppose to disappear from the blogging world, but life just happens.  Glad spring is here, I hope spring will be more interesting then the winter we have just been through.

The hard part is to come back, and be coherent about all there is to say.  Because a lot has changed in the last few weeks.

The biggest and most noticeable change is E’s starting to read.  I insist on the word starting because he is in the early stage of this:  CVC words as he  finishes to learn the sounds.  He talks about letters daily, and he search for them in his environment.  He names them, he says their sounds, and he even try to write them, although he is not very successful in that department.  He loves to read words he can, but this is just the beginning.

M is almost finished with her schooling, and is exploding with reading, grammar and all of those things.  She works a lot more at home now then what she used to.  I have started to hear her say that the activities in her school are for “babies”… I am really starting to see traits of an elementary child in her.

And X is crusing along his 2nd grade year at a 3rd-4rth grade level.  He has been officially “diagnosed” as a complete right brainer gifted child (and I feel awkward saying this, because I do not want to sound like I am nagging, which is NOT the case here).  So this is why he had no interest in the things I was supposed to teach him right now.  And this is why everybody has been suspecting him to be ADHD.  When he is bored, he stops listening, and he has been bored for a while, because nobody actually understood him, sadly, not even me.  (pretty humbling thought really!)

So we have been adjusting to our new reality, and we are taking our rhythm now.  Things are not going in the way I was expecting them to go, but I am just letting go, and following the wave.


I am working on a homeschool update post, and you’ll see that X’s reality has brought drastic changes on our learning methods.  We have found that this kid craves information that he just can learn by rote memorization, something that I never suspected, and that I am not sure he was even aware of before either.    He is heavily into science and math and starting to show interest in geography and history.  I tried to follow him with Montessori elementary, but I just cannot cope, he goes too fast, and refuses repetition, something he has always dread.



But tell me, what would YOU like to hear about?  I’d love to have your input, and I’d love to talk about it

Enjoy this first day of spring!

Spring is here!

6 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. I can understand the flury, being gifted myself and having a gifted (undiagnosed) toddler. I’d love to hear about everything you mentioned! What your day looks like, e learning to read and how, m looking like an elementary child, and x’s giftedness/how he learns and how you cope with his desire for info.

  2. I love the picture you posted with the article. Spring hasn’t reached Germany yet but we are waiting for it impatiently!
    Would love to hear everything about what you do with your children, with a preference for E. as he is just a few months older than my daughter. Would also love to hear how you are coping with languages 🙂

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