free exploration of fractions

For the last month 1/2, X has officially been back to work after requesting himself to do so.  One morning, he announced that he was sad not to work anymore, and he was missing Montessori.  he then said he was ready to get to work, and layed out himself his schedule.  He has been following it every since.  I didn’t want to talk about it and jinx ourselves, but I think I can now safely say that we are on the right track.


X is truly an elementary child now, and primary Montessori presentations are not as enticing to him as they use to be.  So while I am reading and preparing myself for the first elementary presentations, I try to gauge his level in many topics, and let him explore concepts freely, using Montessori materials.  I have to admit that we are really loving these free explorations, and I can see that he is taking in a lot during these periods.  I think these might still continue, even after we are more back on track with Montessori.  I love how we managed to incorporate Montessori material in a Reggio inspired activity.

This is the invitation I set out to explore fractions.



First thing he jumped on was the compass and protractor.  he has been fascinated by both for the last few weeks.  I was anxious to see where this would lead him to.


Many circles were drawn, and then fractions came into play.


I like how little bits of geometry sneaked it’s way in there.  He learned the concept of the diameter, and he also got a refresher on straight angles, and obtuse / acute angles.

And equivalence quickly came into play:  “look mom, it is the same!)


He finished by journaling his work, some of these concepts, he wanted to remember.  And photography is still his favorite art form


he asked me to print these pictures so he can put them in his math notebook

And during all that time…

little E is getting acquainted with one beloved comic series around here. (X is really into Asterix right now, and E never has time to look at them…he got his chance right then!)

free exploration of fractions

4 thoughts on “free exploration of fractions

  1. Wow! I love this so much! I think that maybe we need some time for free exploration. It is such a great idea. Plus your kiddo is doing so great Your waiting and unschooling has really paid off! I am so happy for you! Happy Schooling!

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