children-led snack preparation

Snack preparation must be the only constistent part of our schedule.  This is the one thing that happens at the same time everyday, and I don’t even have to say anything, that is one truly self directed activity that is entirely managed by children.  So E has good role models to look up to.

E’s abilities in the kitchen has improved a lot lately.  He is now comfortably using a regular not-too-sharp knife for cutting exercices.  Bananas are still a favorite, but now he even feels ok to tackle something harder to cut like steak or boiled veggies.

X was the one who taught him how to prepare a banana, showing all the steps he learned in his Montessori school (primary level).


And although X, who is now a truly deep in his second plane of development, doesn’t prepare his snack using those steps anymore , he still does it many times with E at his sides,  preparing the material for him beforehand.

But now, E knows, and he is able to gather all his material from their kitchen drawer before starting his work….which is not the way it should work at the primary level.

It is not easy dealing with children that are all in different planes of developments, their needs are so different, and they need to be met in a variety of ways that are sometimes contradictory.  But thankfully, the olders are understanding, and we seem to always manage to find a way to answer E’s needs.



…and his contribution, whatever the form, is always welcome through the older’s work.

This is the plate prepared by X and M while I was supervising E cutting his banana.    They entirely chose all the components of this snack without my interference.  I guess serving healthy food really eventually pay off.

children-led snack preparation

3 thoughts on “children-led snack preparation

  1. That’s great! I just started having my 2 yr old use a cheese-spreader as a knife to cut his banana up. He loves it. They love doing these things for themselves and it is so great to watch them beam with pride when they say, “I did it!”

  2. Both Jack and Sarah love preparing their snacks too. I am thinking though that I might introduce them to a knife now, they are both very proficient with their cutters.
    I do love watching Jack show Sarah how to do something too. It’s very sweet. Particularly when he reminds her to use her ‘helper hand’.

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