Discovering colors

I don’t think there is any other better way to learn about colors then to play with them.  So I set an invitation for E to explore colours to his heart content.

It is not the first time he has the chance to play with colors, painting being one of his favorite activities, he has had the chance to mix primary colors in the past, and discover that with only these, he was able to create new colors.  Paint is awesome for that.

But colored water is also as amazing, or so I think.  It makes the colours vibrant, and the mixing has an effect that is so different then mixing with paint.  There is no need to mix or stir, just a drop, and the colour magically changes to something else.

He was very concentrated while putting the drops looking at the same time at what colour he was about to create.  He anticipated some of them, but other were not what he thought would appear, or at least, in a different shade of what he has envisioned.

In this invitation, I gave E a mixing palette, but also regular coffee filters.  He started out with the palette, and then carried on with the paper and finished with the palette again.

He enjoyed the paper experience a lot, as this time, the colours he previously used left a trace instead of just mixing up to something else.  Again, he was very concentrated in putting his drops at specific locations on the paper.

The material for this activity is very simple.

When doing a messy activity, we always do it in a plastic bin.  It contains messes, and is easier to clean.

I used food colouring in dropper bottles, because I have easy access to those.  Since these are tainted bottles, I applied stickers on the bottles to show the color it contains.  I like those bottles because the droppers are very precise when compared to plastic paint droppers that makes a bigger drop.

The paint palette comes from the dollar store, and the coffee filters from my mom’s coffee stash in my cupboard (I hate coffee…)

The activity remains stored in the plastic bin to be ready to use whenever E (or the others..) wants to.

Discovering colors

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