winter hardware

We are right in the middle of winter, the period of year that I hate the most.  I am counting the days to spring, and warmer  times.

I really need some motivation to get outdoors, and so do the kids.  Nothing shovels and a couple of carts can’t do for them.

I think it goes to show how real tools are really a delight for the children to use.  Even in cold and uninviting days, I have seen them brave the elements, with a joy of being able to…shovel.

Yes, shovel!  This is the first thing that gets out as soon as they cross the door.  So it was important to us to find good quality shovels that would not be too heavy, and would be appropriately sized for them.  That is one of the best investments we made for winter outdoor activities.

I am always amazed how real tools and loads of free time can build really exciting games that can last for days.  The shovelling eventually leads to building forts with mountains of ammunitions hidden for a future snowball fight, or to creating the “world’s biggest mountain” to be climbed on after.

Being outside always brings all of them three together, they always manage to include everyone in their play.  And tools are always in the centre of this in some ways.


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