The orchestra

E’s current interest: musical instruments.  All of them.

He has always been attracted by music and instruments, since he was little.

I believe this interest has been fuelled by 2 books that I just cannot get out of his book rotation.  He always end up looking for them.

One has a corresponding CD that contains excerpt of the sound each of the instruments makes  This cd is, I believe, the most used CD in his little collection.The second is a book with a sample if the instrument included inside.  No CD’s needed, he just has to press a button, to hear the sound.

Both books are very good quality and most of all well loved.

A new set of Schleish toobs musical instrument just added another layer of learning.  He was able to touch what he has seen  in these book for so many weeks.

Granted, it is not as satisfying as touching and trying real instruments, but it makes the 2 dimensional representation suddenly more real and more enticing to him.

Edited to add:

Both books are french books:

Les instruments de musique 

Mon imagier des instruments de musique

The instruments themselves are not Scheish, they are Toobs.  E loves them!

The orchestra

14 thoughts on “The orchestra

  1. Johanne says:

    Hello, I’m happy to follow you on your new blog ! But I already miss one thing…the ages of your children which weren writen on the left column of your old blog ! I like your posts and you’re really helping in my thinking as a new mom. Please excuse my english, I’m french. Johanne.

    1. Alors vous pouvez toujours commenter en français, ça ne fait aucune différence pour moi!
      Merci de votre commentaire, je vais rajouter l’information le plus rapidement possible!

      1. johanne says:

        Merci beaucoup pour les âges car ce n’est pas toujours facile de savoir à partir de quand on peut proposer une actvité à un enfant.

  2. I love the clean look of your new site and the name is absolutely perfect. The only issue I see right now is that your images of “Montessori Series” are stretched out and distorted. Everything else is terrific. Congrats!

    What are the name of the two books? They look like something my daughter would really enjoy right now. And where did you get the tiny musical instruments? Very, very cool.

    1. Thanks about the info on the images. I’ll have to look into it, since they look fine here.

      I have included the informations on the book and instruments in the post. I hope this helps!!
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. sarah chase says:

    I would also love to know the names of the two music books:) Thanks! Liking the new blog interface! I enjoy your perspective, it is inspiring to me!

  4. sarah chase says:

    I am also wondering the names of the two books. And where did you buy the instruments? I can’t find them.
    Liking the new look!!

    1. OMG Kate, true!
      I didn’t even realize it was the same until you posted. I really had a hard time choosing. My favorite was a theme that is super similar to this one, but with only one column. I love having side bars for informations, so I didn’t feel ready to let them go. The other themes are so, I don’t know, not as eye pleasing? (except for the paying ones of course…)
      Anyhow, I love the changes you made too to your blog too, but I have to say that the image of Jack’s hand with the lavender paint was amazing!

      The little instruments are really fun. I am planing to start E on projects too now, and I think musical instruments might be the thing. It is the topic he asks about everyday, he talks about every day, and these miniature are one of the toy that gets played with all the time. I now just have to think how I am going to stir this up to coach him in his first experience of PBH. Exciting times!

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