Everyday Montessori

I have no idea what happened, but I lost my blog post yesterday after it got posted… Blogger cam really be a pain sometimes…I miss wordpress…

This is something I frequently find in the house.  A spontaneous sorting activity initiated by E.  I just have to leave the material in an easy to reach spot in an attractive way.  These colored bowls are his favorite for any color sorting activities.
This time, he used the number puzzle that was close by as objects to sort.  Sometimes, he goes around the house and uses other items, and sometimes he asks for material, or he uses the ones I provide with the bowls.  I rotate this material often.
Color sorting is a good and easy to set up Montessori activity for all ages.  You can easily step up the work by letting the child search in the house for colored object without having a reference in his hands, or over ask for shades a few colors.  This also has the benefit of teaching new vocabulary and train the eye to become more accurate in distinguishing hues.
Pinterest is  full of ideas for color sorting activities, if you need more inspiration.
Everyday Montessori

3 thoughts on “Everyday Montessori

  1. So cute! Love the bowls. My 2 yr old does the same thing at times. I remember I was blown away when he had spontaneously sorted his cars into groups of color, completely unprompted. Love these moments!

  2. Lauren says:

    Do you happen to remember where you got these bowls, or can you let me know what brand they are? They’re lovely. I am coveting the TAG alphabet puzzle that E has, too! My C is just about his age, and I feel he would give it lots of attention.

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