E’s bag

I never imagined that I would find or rather make time to sew a bag for E in my first official homeschooling week.

Not knowing what to do, and not knowing how to react, I did what felt most natural, I recentered, and I created.

It felt good.

But what felt best was seeing X eventually get off the couch, and want to use the sewing machine for his own purpose, like he always does (thank god, something normal!)

I saw a dim light in his eyes, and I knew that I couldn’t afford to push in any way, so I just left him to explore, maybe a bit more then usual the machine.

He was happy, and obviously felt good about himself, but kept asking me if what he did was good/nice/ok…which reminded me that his self esteem really needs a boost, and that I shouldn’t forget that in my plan.

I finished my project later that night, while he was well away on something else.  He had no desire to keep going like he normally did, but at least, I saw that light, even briefly, the one I want to make shine again.  It is still there, it is a good sign.

And E woke up to a brand new bag, he is thrilled!

E’s bag

4 thoughts on “E’s bag

  1. That bag is beautiful. You're quite the whiz with a sewing machine! Glad to hear your little one is showing interest in creating, again. Here's hoping he gains momentum in his own perfect time. 🙂

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