Addition tables

The operation tables were not something I wanted to buy.  I felt they were easy enough to make at home, and I am completely happy with the results!

I used JMJ publishing’s file (which doesn’t seem to be working tonight, it seems to happen regularly lately), and printed it on label paper size 8 1/2 x 11.

I had DH cut out a wooden panel the same size as the tables, and sticked the label on it. (it holds very well)

Then to protect the label, I use plastic book cover (the one that is on sale everywhere now, for all back to school event…) to cover the tables.  It takes a little practice to put on properly but after a few tries, it becomes super easy.

And voilà, addition tables.  I like the feel better then a plastified piece of paper.

This is their current location, behind the boxes of equations (also from JMJ publishing) and the tiles for the addition board (located just behind the tables)

Addition tables

3 thoughts on “Addition tables

  1. I just found your blog and it is really great! I added you to my blog list! I cant wait to see all the things you are doing for the Elementary this year! I am starting the elementary program this year too, so its fun to see what others are doing! I hope you take a second to stop by! Happy Schooling!

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