transferring with tongs

I feel like I haven’t had the time I wish I had with E lately.  I have been super busy planning, making, doing, and sadly nothing was made with him in mind.
Now that my planning for X is pretty much completed, I will be able to focus on how I will incorporate E in all this.  I feel glad to start swimming in toddler activities again.

I think the 0-3 year span really is my favourite.  Maybe having 3 times of practice has something to do with it, but maybe it is just because I am like that.

In the meantime, he has been keeping busy with everything he has at his disposition.  And he is making good use of his time for a 2 yo!

Today, I saw him serve himself a bowl of blueberries, go into the kid’s kitchen drawer, take the tongs out, and spontaneously began to transfer his blueberries out of the bowl.  X gave him another bowl to transfer into.  And just like that, I had a good 20 minutes of full concentration (me and him!), before the bowl was empty…

…and yes, the blueberries were indeed delicious 😉

it doesn’t have to be complicated.  There is no need for a  big school room.  Montessori can be done anywhere anytime.  Just follow the lead!

transferring with tongs

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