language/Langue Grammaire et tout le reste….

I have had a very busy summer.  WAYYY busier then I thought.
I knew implementing Montessori at home was going to be work, but I didn’t think it would be *that* much.  Granted, it took me a while to really figure out HOW I was going to go about this.  I read a lot, and thought a lot about it.  but I feel happy with how things are turning out.  And it seems to be worthwhile, things are starting to take shape.

Language was the first topic I wanted to tackle.  This is not my favourite topic, it is not X’s favourite either.  I knew it would take me a while to go through this and make sense of it all.  I was right.  It did take time.

But I am convinced that this is the very best way to learn grammar.  I love how hands on it is.  I love how it makes grammar fun, and not just very abstract.  I am absolutely sure that it will work with X.

I know he has worked with some of it at his school.  But not knowing exactly where he is at, I decided to go back to the beginning and review it with him.  I’ll follow his lead, and stop when he needs it.

So I created grammar boxes, as I have seen in many 3-6 yo albums. I’ll start out with this, and see where he picks up.

I have a box for the material seen in 3-6: noun, article, adjective, verb, conjunction and preposition. The rest will be seen with the grammar and grammar filling boxes.

Noun will be the first to go.  I know he knows this already, but I’ll tackle it with something fun that he is used to.

I tried to put stuff he loves, guys stuff.

But the rest are also all ready to go, loaded with the first presentation.

I used dollar store boxes, and mostly objects that I found in the house.
I printed the label on label paper, so I just had to stick it to the box.

They are all in the grammar drawer, neatly tucked until we start officially:

Here are a few inspiration that helped me created these boxes:

Meg’s albums
Info Montessori
Montessori for everyone
Making Montessori ours’post
A fantastic video about Montessori grammar
Libellule’s post about early grammar
Cissou’s many posts
Nice video here for explanation of grammar solids (I am a visual!)

Since this might go quickly, I am already ready for the next part of this which is the 6-9 presentation of grammar.  I’ll talk about this in another post, as it will take one on it’s own…

You can find the link to the labels at the bottom of the post, but they are in french 🙂

Lorsque j’ai pris la décision de suivre la pédagogie Montessori pour l’école, je savais que ça demanderai du travail.  Mais pas autant que ça.  Bien entendu, j’ai cogité longtemps sur la façon que je voudrais qu’on fonctionne, et je crois que mes idées sont maintenant claires à ce sujet.  Mais malgré cette réflexion, la production de matériel est prenante…

J’avais décidé de commencer avec le matériel de langue: ce n’est pas mon sujet préféré, ce n’est certainement pas le sujet préféré de X…Et donc, oui, ça m’a pris du temps à lire, comprendre et intégrer tout ça.
Mais je crois que ça en vaut largement la chandelle.  Je crois que la grammaire Montessori est LA façon d’apprendre ce matériel d’une façon intéressante, et qui va permettre une rétention à long terme.

Je sais que X a déjà vu certaines de ces choses.  Mais ne sachant pas exactement où il en est, j’ai décidé de repartir du début.  Au pire, ça ira plus vite au début, et ça lui fera une révision.

J’ai donc monté ces boites de grammaire, qui sont inspirée du matériel 3-6 ans.  Allez voir les différents liens que j,ai mis en haut.  Certains sont en français, d’autres en anglais.

Je commencerai par la boîte de nom.  Je sais que X est familier avec ça.  Mais ça permettra qu’il se familiarise avec notre méthode de travail.  On verra la vitesse auquel on passera au travers les autres boîtes.
Une fois celles-ci terminées, j’enclencherai avec les boites de grammaires version 6-9 ans.  Elles sont prêtes, mais elle mérite un billet à elles seules…

Les boites viennent du magasin à 1$ du coin.  J’y ai collé des étiquettes faite dans Word, et imprimée sur des étiquettes 81/2″ x 11″ et coupée à la bonne dimension.

Les étiquettes sont trouvables ici

La dernière image est celle des boîtes dans leur rangement, prête à être explorées!

language/Langue Grammaire et tout le reste….

4 thoughts on “language/Langue Grammaire et tout le reste….

  1. Oooh so pretty and beautifully lined up :d I used to teach literacy and learning support to high school students (13-18yrs) and a solid foundation in grammar is so important. These little boxes are fabulous, very hands-on and relevant. I also like how they have the option of letting X fill them independently as his understanding improves, a great way to reinforce what he has learnt. These are truly beautiful Neptune. I have also been having a think about how our homeschooling will look, Jack is still 3 so I am happy with our open approach at the moment but I am still thinking about specifics like grammar for when he is ready.

  2. Thank you Kate!I am convinced this is the way to go. I like how it has an open ended side to it (and I will leave him explore them to his own pace, and explore them the way he wants as long as his work is thoughtful and productive)From my experience, it is not too early to think about how you want to go on with homeschooling. I would have liked to have one more year to read on more, and try things to see what really works with us in the context of schoolwork and not just exploration KWIM?I can't wait to start!

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