Have faith

We have had a rough weekend.  One of those weekend where you question your ability to parent.  One of those times you wonder if you have really done the right thing.  I went to bed last night feeling defeated and not knowing where to head next.

I guess I needed a sigh of some sort to give me some hope back, and also to have a reality check that maybe  I am not so out of line.

It came in this form:

Let me explain…

E was sitting on me yarning.  I had a few things that I needed to finish before obviously having to put him to bed.  at a certain point, between 2 yawns, he got up, and went for the corridor.  I didn’t see which way he went.  But after a few minutes, I realized it was very quiet.  I went looking to see what was going on, and yes, I found him in bed, under his blankets sleeping.

E went to bed on his own when feeling tired!

I am coming to the conclusion that  yes, I might be doing the right thing, I just need to believe and keep going. (and be strong)

So there, in case you need it too: be strong!

Have faith

5 thoughts on “Have faith

  1. Very sweet picture :)A mother cannot do everything wrong, as long as she is loving, caring and smiling, it is my belief that the children will be happy. But being a mum now too, I think I understand your feelings ^^ Don't worry, be happy says the song, and I try to keep that in mind and make it my motto 🙂

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