Wishing that spring was more "settled"

He has been going outside before the others ever since last week.
And I couldn’t figure out why.  Being busy with the 2 youngest in the house, I didn’t really had the time to go at the window to see what was luring him out everyday.  I could see carrying an egg box outside, but he was not ready to tell me what is was for.

But today, I had to go into his room and the box was there: he had let it opened on his table.  Obviously, he felt ready to share what has been keeping him busy lately.

I was surprised and yet so happy to see him finally be able to use the cards I made him for Christmas.  He has been asking for a long time now when it will be time for him to use them.  And I kept telling him to wait a little longer, as soon as spring would show up, it would be time.

Well, he sure didn’t loose much time.  And it sure makes me fuzzy inside to see that this present is something he likes and enjoy.  Makes all those hours I spend on it completely worthwhile.

I talked to him about it at dinner time.  He told me that he was hoping to be able to find everything I had put on the cards, but he wasn’t able to, probably because it was a little too soon still, and that spring was not completely settled yet.  But he couldn’t help it to try.

sigh… my boy is growing

Ça faisait plusieurs matins qu’il partait avant les autres dehors.  Je n’avais pas vraiment la chance d’aller voir par la fenêtre ce qui l’occupait tant dehors depuis tant de jours.  Je le voyais partir avec son carton d’oeuf sous le bras, et revenir quelques instant avant que ce soit le temps de partir.
Il ne semblait pas être prêt à me raconté, alors j’ai attendu.

Ce matin, lorsque je suis passée dans sa chambre, j’ai vu la boite d’oeuf, ouverte sur sa table.  Clairement, il était prêt à partager avec moi son secret.

Il avait enfin trouver l’occasion d’utiliser les carte de chasse au trésor que je lui avait fabriquée pour Noël.  Ça fait un bail déjà qu’il me demande quand il pourra enfin les utilisées.  Et ma réponse restait toujours la même: lorsque le printemps se pointera le bout du nez.  Et bien, il n’a pas perdu de temps!  

Ça me fait un petit velour en dedans de voir à quel point il a aimé ce cadeau. Ça rend toutes les heures que j’ai mis à le faire complètement rentable.

Je lui ai parlé de son butin au souper.  Il m’a dit qu’il avait initialement espéré être en mesure de tout trouvé ce qu’il y avait sur les cartes.  Mais il a fini par comprendre que le Printemps n’était peut-être pas encore assez arrivé.

Il grandit mon petit homme…

Wishing that spring was more "settled"

One thought on “Wishing that spring was more "settled"

  1. Those cards are beautiful and what a great way (for your son) to experience time and how it relates to the seasons. The anticipation and delayed gratification, many great things came from the lovely Christmas gift you made him. Your blog is gorgeous. I haven't been on the computer much lately but tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter to pop in on a few blogs and see what I've been missing.

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