Always be ready

cause you never know when a gem like that will happen
A dryer door left open while I was busy somewhere else led to this

I left the door open and a basket empty right in front of it.  So he actually filled it ALL by himself.

It looks like I have a new little helper on hand.

Always be ready

3 thoughts on “Always be ready

  1. Totally adorable! That is a lot of work for someone so young. I love how he makes sure it is all in the basket. Is he walking? He looks confident on his feet.

  2. KylieHe is not walking yet, but he is the type of little man who waits until he is confident before doing something. He is practicing, but one morning, he is going to wake up, and just walk. And I think this is sooner then later!Charissa :)He is 13 (almost 14 ) month old.

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