Montessori link monday

For the past week, I have not been able to read.  This has been painful to me, since reading is a daily activity here.

But I have been able to browse grossly on the internet thanks to Pinterest.   Since I could just look at a picture, and not have to read, I had a lot of fun finding new ideas, and planning all sorts of things in my head (for once I would *finally * be able to get back up.)
And so came along the idea of a Montessori link monday. I’m thinking about posting some linky love every monday. There are so many yummy things out there that I would love to share with you, and please, if you have yummy things to share on your side, come along, and post them too!

For my first little link love:

There is an interesting post about table setting here

This is certainly something E would LOVE

I have been planning one of those for a while in my head, and this is the closest I have found yet to what I am envisioning.  E and M also would just love that.

Given E’s enthusiasm for matching animal sounds lately, this is on my list!

I never thought about having one of them being made from scratch by DH! Clever idea

All I can give for today!
Back to bed now 🙂

Montessori link monday

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