life’s curveballs

I guess they are part of life, but this one got me all right.

After months of preparations and the excitement of the mere thought of it, it won’t happen, well, at least, not this year. Our homeschooling plans have to be put on hold for the year. It is for a good reason all right, but still I kinda feel sad.
The good news is that we were able to find a spot for my son in a elementary Montessori school that is well, I wouldn’t say near by, but let’s put it that way, not TOO far away… So he will be able to continue his education with the Montessori method, something he loves so dearly. M, my daughter, will keep on attending her Montessori preschool.
All of this happened in such a weird and yet so organized way I feel it was meant to be this way, and so we are onto a new path, one that I trust is the one that we should be taking.
So Montessori ici will remain what is is: Our experience and life as Montessori afterschoolers
life’s curveballs

One thought on “life’s curveballs

  1. Sometimes we are just shown the way. I would see this as a huge positive. I think a lot about homeschooling however I do believe the for the most pure and genuine Montessori education, a Montessori school is the way.

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