April activities – Montessori 6-12 months old

Pumkin now being 8 months old (!!) I want to start listing monthly activity for him, as there are not tons of info about this phase on the web.

We are in a big motor skill phase. He has been crawling for a while now, and even sometimes walks on all fours. We also have seen him pulling himself up a couple of time over the last few days.
Any pile of laundry, cushions, pillow is a big hit right now. He loves climbing it back and forth. So I have set some blankets and pillow both in the living room and in his room for him to climb in.
he is also using everything he can find to pull himself up. I am seriously thinking about installing a bar in his room for him to pull himself up.
In his hands:
Eggs and cup

It has been presented yesterday and he loves it.
He is now working on his table with his chair.
Single post and wooden rings
music basket

He LOVEs that!
silk basket
Perfect for the starting of the putting in and out phase, and also peekaboo
texture book
I’ll talk about it in a separate post
he loves to play with socks and other clothins items
Opening and closing drawers:
we are well on our way for that. (with everything that will come with it…)
On the wall:
Van Gogh
Looking at:
this month’s favorite seems to be this french book. It shows differents artworks and has a little poem that accompagny it
We still have on the shelves the very hungry Catterpillar, and a animal photo book
He loves flipping through them, as much as listening to the story

In his ears:

Classical genre

We are playing a lot of Mozart this month. We have classical music in every room.
Of course, lullabies and other songs sung by us are always present !
April activities – Montessori 6-12 months old

2 thoughts on “April activities – Montessori 6-12 months old

  1. thy: the chair is from Michael Olaf's store (online) It is called the first chair. The drum was something I have found locally, made by someone around here. I got him some bigger drum through shortly after that, and he loved those ones best.HTH!

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