The little town of Christmas

Of course, having just about finished to unpacked most of the boxes, we have not yet had the time to prepare for Christmas.  Well, at least, not as usual.  And since we are already December 7th, we don’t have much more time to do the usual activities that we do around Christmastime.


We finally managed to FIND our Christmas boxes, and go through a few things.  And after digging through, the kids found this town set we have, but have not used in the past few years.  They obviously thought this was the greatest discovery ever.

So for the remainer of the crazy day we had yesterday (our first snowstorm of the year, and a good one!) we all enjoyed a much neede peaceful moment while  they happily played with this little town, creating tons of Christmas stories and of course, selling and buying their houses to one another!

and guess what mama was able to do while all those transaction took place?

My guess is this had instantly become a new Christmas tradition for years to come

The little town of Christmas

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