Happy Halloween!

Well, I have NO idea how I managed that, but between baths, night routine, boxed being packed and all the craziness going around here, I managed to ba able to do it all!  Knit a pumpkin hat, make finishing touched to costumes, and even fix a “horrible” dinner for Halloween night.

On the menu:

Snake marinated in a dragon tooth sauce, (i.e. CHicken marinated in olive oil and dijon mustard sauce)

toadstool tongue in a juice of squished spider (asparagus with marmelade)

purée of dragon brain (sweet potatoe and regular potatoe mashed)

and to top it off, cake a la dracula (i.e. pound cake with strawberry syrup on it)

it was delish!

As for the rest, here it is in images


this is how Halloween is spend when you are 3 months old…


The pumpkin fairy is about to pass around here.  I cannot wait to see the kid’s face tomorrow am.


I hope you are spending a spooky and happy Halloween!!


Happy Halloween!

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