My sophisticate baby

My first for my last 😉

My Grand mother taught me when I was about 8. I loved doing that with her when I was a kid. But events in our life had me stop a project whil it was on the needles, and forgot all a bout it. Longies have been the starting point of me knitting again (after finding that forgotten project still on the needles after my Grand ma passed away.) And then, I have knitted tons of things in the last few years. But I had not yet tackled shirts/cardigans.

I didn’t know what pattern to try first, and I ended up trying this one. It was a good one to start with. Fast knit, easy pattern, and really cute on it’s own

let alone on an adorable baby 😉

the only thing left is putting the buttons

and blocking the whole thing.

I used cascade eco yarn for this project. I like it good enough, but I think I would have rather something with a little silk in it. The eco yarn is very economical though, so definetly something to keep in mind!

off to make some boxes!

My sophisticate baby

2 thoughts on “My sophisticate baby

  1. Thanks!For longies, I have tried LOADS of pattern. I have to admit that now I use my own pattern that is a metling pot of all the little pieces that I liked of various patterns. But I think they are closer to the little turtle knits longies. That was the first pattern I used, it is easy to understand, and easy to knit. I also have to give credit to the wooly wonder pattern. It is also a great pattern, but I was not fond of the design of the crotch. For the rest, I love it too. You cannot go wrong with either of those. 🙂

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