Coule ou flotte (float or drown?)

THis is a new activity that I have introduced recently to my kid, and they just loved it. They cannot get over this experiment, as we call it, and are more often then not begging for more

Here is how it works:

Each child is given a bucket of water with some material to “test”

they drop an item into the bowl, and see whether this item will float or fall right in the bottom of the bowl

then, they put the item onto a laminated sheet of paper, according to the result of their test

lamination is kinda of a must here 😉

This thing is a hit! Even with my 4 1/2 yo.

Coule ou flotte (float or drown?)

2 thoughts on “Coule ou flotte (float or drown?)

  1. LOL, I am not surprized! I think it is a wonderful activity to get going in the Montessori way. Experiement with water…water and kids…always a good combo IMO!Tell me, do you change the material she uses to put in the bucket regularly?

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